Strange Romance
Star Force Pentacle
Night Beach
Mystery, Magic, Mayhem... Mammals. Standing athwart a darkling age, shimmering faintly in mankind's misty down, lies the lost continent of Lemuria, first great bulwark of human civilization, doomed to disappear beneath the waves and shifting continents... so schedule your vacation today! Lemuria is an ongoing comic available on ComiXology. You can click on the cover to read a free sample.
Love can be Magical...Terrifying...Out of this World! Strange Romance is an anthology comic featuring short stories about love in SF, fantasy, horror, slipstream or otherwise “weird genre” settings. Tragic and comic tales of hope & heartbreak from multiple up-and-coming writers and artists. Take a strange journey into the depths of the human heart! Also the robot heart...and the alien heart...
To the stars!
Enigma Beach: where the sun meets the sand meets the surf. It's the hot spot for fun and relaxation...until the sun goes down. That's when strange things start to stir, and our only protection is Nightbeach. All lifeguards guard lives...but they guard them HARDER.