Strange Romance is an annual Sci-Fi/fantasy anthology comic on the theme of love, romance, and heartbreak. Funny, sad, dramatic, horrific, whimsical-- love stories take almost as many forms as the sentient beings of the multiverse! Each year we feature over 150 pages in a graphic novel-sized anthology, with a special single-issue offering this year.
A special fun-sized-edition of Strange Romance at a bargain price for 2019!
This 46-page sampler offers zombie infatuation, kaiju crushes and robot romance!
Vol 3.5 Comixology Vol 3.5 Gumroad
Vol 3.5 Comixology
Vol 1 Comixology
Volume 1
A lonely gorgon who turned her lover to stone...a mad scientist determined to create his ideal woman, no matter how many tries it takes...a man who uses time travel to fix his relationship problems...a contest winner who develops a bizarre fixation...and much more! This first volume of Strange Romance features 14 comic stories by up-and-coming writers and artists.
Vol 1 Comixology Vol 1 Gumroad
Volume 2
Volume 2 of Strange Romance features dashing spacemen, swashbuckling fantasy women, vampires, mermaids, and slasher killers, all caught in that moonlight web we call love. 17 affairs of the heart by a wide variety of contributors, both established and new.
Vol 2 Comixology Vol 2 Gumroad
Vol 2 Comixology
Vol 1 Comixology
Volume 3
Love lives on--in other worlds, other times, and other dimensions, in the third annual Strange Romance comics anthology. This gorgeously drawn volume features golems, zombies, superheroes, wrestling faeries, punchclock cupids, literal heavenly bodies, and a boy who tries to run away from his dreams. More stories of whimsy and wonder from our talented team, old and new!
Vol 3 Comixology Vol 3 Gumroad